The conservatory roof shop are the UK’s leading suppliers of polycarbonate and glass conservatory roof kits.
The Conservatory roof shop’s conservatory roof kits include everything you’ll need to build one of the most simple to fit, secure, weather proof and energy efficient conservatory roofs on the market.
Both our Synseal K2 and Ultraframe Classic conservatory roof kits come with easy to follow instructions.
It couldn’t be simpler to order your Liniar roof kit – which contains everything you’ll need to beautifully complete your conservatory installation.

Select roof design:
Choose the basic conservatory roof design and size from the conservatory roof shop, or contact us if you need a more bespoke design created.

Select colour:
Our Synseal K2 and Ultraframe conservatory roof kits come in a wide range of attractive colour foils. Choose your colour scheme and match your conservatory roof to your windows and doors below.

Select glazing:

£1,040.00£2,371.00 exc. VAT
£1,241.00£2,783.00 exc. VAT
£1,149.00£2,549.00 exc. VAT
£667.00£1,779.00 exc. VAT
£2,396.00£4,969.00 exc. VAT
£1,659.00£3,660.00 exc. VAT
£1,613.00£3,574.00 exc. VAT
£1,535.00£3,423.00 exc. VAT
£2,734.00£5,770.00 exc. VAT
£2,930.00£6,276.00 exc. VAT
£1,741.00£4,150.00 exc. VAT